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  • Fineprint Issue 82
  • 30.06.20
  • Malley & Co present the Winter 2020 issue of Fineprint
  • Commercial eSpeaking Issue 55
  • 03.06.20
  • Malley & Co present the Winter 2020 issue of Commercial eSpeaking
  • 10 Top Tips for Dealing with a Divorce or Separation
  • 13.05.20
  • Divorce and separation can raise some difficult issues and may occur when people are at their most vulnerable. It can be a stressful time for everyone concerned. If you are thinking of separating from your partner, you may be wondering what first steps you should take to navigate through this process.
  • Shared care & contact arrangements at Level 3
  • 29.04.20
  • At 11.59pm on 27 April 2020 New Zealand moved from Covid-19 alert level 4 to Covid-19 alert level 3 for an initial period of two weeks. Level 4 saw the need for many separated parents to make new and flexible day-to-day care arrangements for their child or children who move between two homes. In some circumstances at level 4 there was a need for children to remain in one home for the entirety of the lockdown period. Many families are now asking whether the move from level 4 to level 3 will change the care/contact arrangements that were implemented during level 4.
  • Navigating Employer's Obligations During Alert Level 3
  • 20.04.20
  • On Wednesday 16 April 2020, the Government issued guidance around what we can expect from businesses during Alert Level 3.
  • Navigating the Family Court in COVID-19 lockdown
  • 08.04.20
  • You can continue to obtain legal advice regarding your matter if it is currently before the Court, or regarding any requirement for any future application to the Court, should that be necessary.
  • Commercial Leases - Rent Relief in an Emergency
  • 31.03.20
  • A number of landlord and tenant clients have asked us to advise in respect of the current lockdown and the effect this will have on the tenant’s obligation to pay rent and outgoings as per the terms of their lease.