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We provide practical and effective advice guidance, whether you are starting a new job, are having issues with your current employer, or are planning on moving to the next opportunity.
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Job Offers & Employment Agreements
Job Offers & Employment Agreements
Personal Grievances & Employment Relationship Issues
Personal Grievances & Employment Relationship Issues
Health & Safety
Health & Safety
Independent Contracting
Independent Contracting
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Malley & Co’s employment experts assist individuals with all aspects of the work cycle.

  • We review job offers and draft employment agreements before individuals agree to them to assist you to negotiate the best terms possible.
  • We assist employees facing disciplinary or performance management processes and provide advice to individuals facing redundancy to find the most favourable outcomes available.
  • We help employees that have been treated unfairly to pursue claims and personal grievances against their employers.
  • We provide advice to contractors about appropriate contracts and whether they might actually be employees.

We're here to help you with all of your employment legal needs.

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